Here are some photos from Lucia at the "Conservatorio Superior Danza" in Malaga:



Lucia, Ballet


Lucia, Ballet

Very nice second shooting with Aylin:

Aylin in the Studio: Schoolgirl Cosplay
Schoolgirl Cosplay

Aylin in the Studio: Hotpants


She also had cupcake tattoos. Absolutey adoreable:

Tattoo shooting


Tattoo shooting

 Spontaneous shooting at the beach in black underwear with Laureen

On popular demand ;-)

Bersy Cortez

Shoes: World Dancers

Two years ago, Lucia invited me to her academy to take some photos:

Ballet, Pose

Ballet, Pose

Ballet, Pose

Ballet, Pose




One of my really beautiful and gifted models is from Cuba. She has a lot of talent to pose and is a really good dancer. I really love Cuba!

The cuban dancer

The cuban dancer


The oceans have too much, we use to much in a senseless way, but sometimes (airbubble-)plastic is good to reuse, to wrapyour model for some creative fun ;-)


Re-use your airbubble plastic


To shoot famous people is always interesting. This one we shoot in her dancestudio at home :)

Bersy Cortez at home


To shoot in the dark is sometimes challanging, because you need more experience to get a good result. If the model is patient, it no to bad ;-)


In The Dark - Darkkez

Darkkey, light from the left


In The Dark - Darkkey photography

Not a darkkey, light from both sides


Formerly often regarded as a kind of red light pleasure, Poledance is now a fantastic sport that reaches millions of people worldwide.

Poledance Photography   Poledance Photography

  Poledance Photography  Poledance Photography

I'm really convinced that this is the number one sport that unites dance and athletics and builds up an enormous body tension.


Poledance photography  Poledance photography

Poledance photography  Poledance photography

Poledance photography  

Lola shows us some figures here and I was really enthusiastic about her skill and elegance at the same time.

I really adore people who dance and train. They can do beautiful things with their elastic joints.

Save A Prayer

This was a casual result we got during a shooting in 2013.

Not only Amazon brings you surprises... ;-)

Surprise in my parcel

What a surprise in my parcel (click to see full resolution)

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